The Arderne Gardens is a unique place that can be enjoyed for its natural and cultural highlights.  

In the Gardens

Whether you're an experienced horticulturalist, or, just someone looking to get some fresh air, everyone can easily understand to the natural appeal of Arderne.  The walkways curve and meander and benches invite you to sit down and observe the trees towering high above you.  The garden is big enough to stroll through in an afternoon, yet the scenery changes enough each season to give you a reason to keep coming back to visit, again and again.  

The arboretum is home to many creatures large and small, including: guinea fowl, geese, ducks, and koi fish.  Parents and nannies taking their children to the gardens to feed the fish and ducks is a tradition that has existed for several generations.

For many decades, the Arderne Gardens have been the location chosen by newlyweds to have their wedding photos taken. As a public garden, it is a wonderful resource for the local community with the exotic trees and plants providing an exquisite backdrop to their wedding pictures. Many thousands of couples commemorated their wedding day with pictures taken at these gardens. On almost any Saturday or Sunday, numerous wedding parties may be observed promenading along the shady paths and lawns while camera shutters click and whir.

In addition to the wedding activities on the weekends, the gardens provide a tranquil sanctuary during the working week. A few minutes walk from the central business district of Claremont and its retail hub around Cavendish Square, the gardens provide a peaceful retreat for a lunch hour stroll.

Before you arrive, consider reading John Richardson's article Exotic Suburbia, or, downloading the Voice Map audio tour of the gardens.

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